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The world of Android apps is vast and it offers different functionalities and features that are not available on other platforms. Hence, if you wish to download Android apps and enjoy them on your PC that is what this article is about. Here we discuss the features of an Android emulator software YouWave which can help you download and run different Android apps on your PC.

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What is YouWave?

For those who are unaware of what YouWave is about, it is an emulator program that helps to create an Android operating system like environment on your PC. This software package makes it possible for you to run Android apps and download them on your PC. Even if your PC is equipped with Windows, you will be able to create a virtual Android like platform on your PC. As a result, you will be able to download the popular Android apps on your PC and enjoy them on this platform.

Features of YouWave

If you are unaware of how Android emulator programs work and the features they offer, they usually have certain fundamental similar and some unique features such as:

  • YouWave comes as a software package that needs to be downloaded from legitimate download sources.
  • It is not a free software program and one can obtain the trial version to run on their computer for ten days.
  • It will help you download different Android apps and run them on this virtual platform.
  • Once you download the software on your PC you will be able to find your popular Android apps on this platform easily.
  • As many of us depend on Android apps for many essential functions like banking as well as shopping and other requirements, these apps can also be accessed on your Windows PC with the help of this program.
  • The virtual platform allows you to make secure payments as well with PayPal or Google Wallet transactions.

The apps allow you to do what you can on your Android phone or tablet. With the wider screen of your PC, you will enjoy the features of any Android app much better. However, you need to keep in mind that, as a virtual Android environment is created, the apps would work as they would on an Android phone or tablet. Hence, as these apps are designed to work on mobile platforms, the resolution and functioning of the apps would not be optimized to run on your PC. Hence, you might find some apps not working as smoothly as they do on your smart phone or tablet.

Google Play Store on YouWave

This software will help you get Android apps running on your PC. In order to download and run Android apps on this platform, you need to first download Google Play Store. This app acts as the gateway to finding different kinds of Android apps. Here are some ways to get Google Play Store working on YouWave:Play Store

  • Once YouWave is installed, open the software and search for the Google Play Store.
  • Find the app which is free and is a lightweight application.
  • Once Google Play Store is downloaded, you can install it and get it working on the YouWave platform.
  • When you wish to access apps on Google Play, start by logging into your Google Play Store account.
  • If you already have an account created with Google Play that is installed on your phone or tablet, the same will work for the YouWave version as well.
  • Once your login credentials are checked, Google Play Store will provide you access to apps as if you are accessing this from your phone or tablet.
  • Hence, you can download different kinds of apps that would be compatible with your mobile device.
  • When the apps are downloaded and run on YouWave platform, you will enjoy the enhanced screen resolution under which you can run the apps.

YouWave provides you access to Android apps that run on your smart phone or tablet. Hence, the fitment of the apps on your PC platform is subject to experimentation. Some apps will work smoothly while you might face some glitches in running certain other apps. For instance, gaming apps usually are dependent on the resolution of mobile devices and hence, they might not work the same if you view them on your PC.

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