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People, those are using android devices, it is not hard for them to get Android related apps, but what if your PC run through Mac? Most of the Mac users may think that, using Google Play Store in such PCs are impossible but it is completely baseless. Now, any Mac user can easily download and use Google Play Store on the desktop. It is Google Play Store is the initial requirement for maximum users. Mainly those wanting to stay updated with various apps and games. Playing games on larger screens is quite thrilling. Once you will download Google Play Store to your PC, it will be your entry door to access more than two million apps those are secure to be downloaded to your device.

Regrettably, there are no direct ways to download and install Google Play Store to your Mac. But, it is possible in a different way. You can go through BlueStacks installation or by VisrtualBox. Apart from Mac Google Play Store is available in different Operating Systems also.

Play Store

It is essential for every user to get the official version of Google Play Store for your PC which is loaded with Mac. One thing is to keep in mind that, official versions are always secure to use because they won’t be daunting for malware issue. This is known as the warehouse where someone can easily download his required app. It is true that, our life gets digitalized day by day and most of the gadgets with proper app make our life simple to perform daily job with the help of these apps. Mac OS users shouldn’t nervous for downloading Google Play Store. You can play your favorite game; download apps for your PC without much hassle.

Google Play Store for Mac

Google Play Store is known as the official product from Google. The apps those are available in Play Store, some of them are developed Google itself and most of them by third parties. One thing is needed to be cleared that, when Google allows any developers to upload their apps, they have to go through the high scrutiny and most of the apps get failed to cross this line and rest get placed in this App. So while you will download any app from Play Store, never think about its suspicious side, they are complete to install and use.

Mac store is available for Mac users. It is an official app store, but people prefer Play Store because the number of apps, Google Play Store provides, it has never provided those apps. This is the reason for which people Prefer Google Play Store over Mac Store. Someone can easily download and install Play Store in their Mac PCs.

Download, Play Store with Android Emulator

Most of the users like to install Play Store via Android emulator. BlueStacks is the popular emulator that maximum people love to use while there is a need to install small outside app.

How to download BlueStacks?

  • Download BlueStacks from its official site to get rid of various issues.
  • Wait for the completion of the extraction process.
  • As you are going to download through BlueStacks, it will ask for Gmail id and password.
  • Sign up process will automatically do in with Play Store by BlueStacks. You don’t need to be doing anything to use Play Store.
  • Follow this option, my apps- System App- Google Play Store.

You can also follow different sections of the app. Browse them using your PC.

Download Google Play Store for Mac PC by VirtualBox

Google Play Store is able to play on Mac OS only after installation full version of the Android OS. This is also possible through VirtualBox and latest Android OS for Intel Processor PCs.

Follow these steps to set up.Play Store

  • First, it needs to download VirtualBox to PC and then launch it.
  • On your computer screen, you have to click New, and enter any name you want to keep for your virtual machine. Under the type field, you can select Linux. Now click to continue.
  • Be sure to keep the default options for the next few screens. You can click on the Continue option to accept the settings for memory size, Hard Disk, and Hard Disk file type.
  • Under the storage option of Physical hard Disk, you need to select fixed size and selecting this will provide a speed boost.
  • In the file location and size screen, you need to click the folder where you want to save this software. Maximum users keep on the default option open.
  • Go to the recommended size and click on the create option.
  • Now the virtual machine is successfully installed.
  • In the main window, select the Android VM.
  • Now you can select an Android ISO file which is already on your PC.
  • Click enter to select it.
  • In order to install android, you need to make a partition on your hard drive. On the next screen, select the right option and choose OK.
  • While it shows its popup demanding new option, create a new partition.
  • You can also use cursor Keys to scroll over and now enter an option. Ignore of there is some warning regarding installation.
  • Choose a partition screen; you will get newly partitioned space from your hardware. Select the right partition and click ok.
  • You can select ext4 and hit yes to confirm for the next screen.
  • Now, there will be a prompt message that needs to choose yes.
  • Now, hit enter at the completion of installation. Then it will boot its own window on the PC and now ready to use.

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