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If you own Huawei Android based smart phones you will want to enjoy the features that they offer. Here we talk about Google Play Store and how it can help you make the most of your Android based Huawei phones. We also discuss the popular and latest Huawei phones on offer.

Play Store

About Huawei brand

This Chinese telecommunications brand has been in the forte of manufacturing electronic devices like mobile phones from 1997. It has been in the arena of telecom infrastructure for decades and has a strong presence in the south East Asian region. The current range of tablets and smart phones offered by Huawei is based on the Android operating system. It has also launched electronic wearables such as the smart watch devices that are based on the Android Wear technology.

Latest offering from Huawei

The latest smart phone being offered by Huawei is the Nova2s. This is a smart phone that is being launched in December 2017. Hence, for those who are looking to experience one of their latest offerings can look forward to owning this phone. The features that the Nova2s would offer are the following:

  • This phone comes with a 6 inch touch screen that makes the display larger than other contemporary phones.
  • The phone would have a superior 960 processor of the octa core Kirin build.
  • The phone would have superior resolution as well, 2160 by 1080 pixels.
  • The memory capabilities are also superior in this phone compared to other models; it offers 4 GB RAM internal storage of 64 GB which can be further expanded by adding a micro SD card.
  • There is a 20 megapixel primary camera while the front camera is also of the same capability.
  • The phone is equipped with android 8.0.

With dual SIM, standard connectivity options and sensors that are inbuilt in this new model, you would have a smart phone that will offer you the best that mobile technology has to offer in the Android world.

Google Play Store on your Huawei device

Whether it is a tablet or phone you own of Huawei, as it is based on the Android operating system, you would probably find Google Play Store pre loaded on the device. This provides you several advantages such as:

  • It acts as platform for accessing the different kinds of Android apps.
  • With the Google Play Store on your device, you will be able to access different kinds of apps that are compatible with your device and the Android operating system it works on.
  • Google Play has the widest category of apps and all kinds of Android apps can be easily found on it.
  • Not only can you download apps through this platform with ease but be able to update them as well.
  • All apps that are made available on Google Play are reviewed and inspected to ensure that they are free from malware.

With the above advantages you will find all kinds of apps that you could ask for through this app on your Huawei device.

How to download Google Play on your Huawei device?

Google Play can be easily downloaded on your device if you do not have it on your Huawei mobile phone or tablet. Here are some points to remember at the time of downloading and installing Google Play:Play Store

  • Access any search engine through the mobile web browser on your device.
  • Ensure that the Google Play Store app you download would be compatible with your device.
  • Change the security settings on your device and ensure that the download from unknown sources is enabled on your device.
  • Once the download has completed, install the application.
  • Start by opening an account on the store or using any existing Google account.
  • Once your access is validated, you can then browse through the different apps listed on the main page.
  • The different categories of apps are displayed in the drop down panel to be found on the top left hand corner.
  • You can also use the search button to look for any app on this platform.

Any app you find will have description mentioned, reviews and testimonials showcased as well.  Every app that is provided by Google Play Store is tested and ensured that it is free of malware; hence it acts as a secure platform through which you can access any kind of app. If you have the latest or other popular Huawei phones or tablets, you will want to enjoy its different features. With the apps found on Google Play Store, you will be able to enjoy the different functionalities of the devices. At the same time you can be confident of the reliability of the apps you download through this platform.

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