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If you are planning to buy a new HTC phone and enjoy its features or any old model of this brand, for these Android phones the Google Play Store will have a lot to offer. Here we discuss what the latest HTC phones as well as the popular models have to offer and how you can enhance the running of these phones by downloading Google Play Store.

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About HTC

This electronics brand started as a laptop manufacturer in the year 1997; this Taiwan based brand soon started to make smart phones, which were initially based on operating systems like Brew and Windows Mobile. The first Android mobile phone that was launched by the brand was HTC Dream in 2008. Today the company has both Windows and Android based smart phones on offer. The tabbed market sees it collaborate with Google to provide Google Nexus 9 which was first launched in 2014. The latest smart phone that was launched by HTC is U11 Life which was a recent launch in November 2017.

Features of HTC Life

This latest smart phone has the best of Android and mobile technology to offer which are based on the sturdy hardware framework of the company. Here is a summary of what you can expect from this latest offering of the company:

  • This phone has a touch screen display of 5.20 inches.
  • Resolution of the phone screen is 1080 by 1920 pixels.
  • The phone runs on Snapdragon 630 octa core Qualcomm processor.
  • The RAM is 3 GB, internal storage capacity is 32 GB which can be expanded with micro SD storage options.
  • The primary camera is 16 megapixels while the front shooter also flaunts the same megapixels.
  • The phone is based on Android 8.0 version with standard connectivity options and built in sensors.

There are other popular HTC phones, older models that are based on the Android platform and are used by many. For instance, HTC One series is a popular range of smart phones that was launched in 2013. These phones also come with standard features like touch screen displays and high resolution as well as speedy processing power that ensures that apps that you run on them would work well. With high megapixel cameras, sound and other features, these phones can help you enjoy different functions and entertainment with different apps.

Google Play on HTC phones

Whether you own HTC One or are planning to purchase the latest HTC Life, you will want to download different apps to enhance functionality of the phone. That is where Google Play Store comes in. Most Android phones come with this app pre installed that act as the gateway to downloading different kinds of apps on your phone.

  • Google Play Store acts as a platform where you can search for any kind of Android app for your HTC phone.
  • The Play Store will showcase the apps that would be compatible for your HTC phone; hence, you would find the apps showcased as per the version of the Android operating system on your device.
  • It will help you search and download apps with ease as well as update them through the same platform.

Google Play Store on HTC tablets

If you own a Google Nexus tablet, you will find Google Play Store pre installed on it. It would be easier to browse different apps through this platform and download the different apps and programs available for your device.

How to download Google Play on HTC device?Play Store

Whether you own an HTC tablet or phone that runs on the Android system, if you do not find the Google Play Store on it you can use the steps below to download and install it easily:

  • Log into your mobile browser and check your data connectivity.
  • Once you have working data connection, simply log on and find a search engine.
  • Here you can look for a reliable download source for Google Play Store.
  • Once the app is located as per the compatible version required for your device, you can then start to download the same.
  • Ensure that, under security settings in your device, you have enabled downloads from unknown sources.
  • Once the download is completed, you can then proceed to install the application.
  • It is a lightweight application that runs easily.
  • Open the app after installation and log in using Google account credentials.
  • Once the credentials are verified, you will gain access to different apps on the platform.

The number of apps you can access through this platform is exhaustive. These would be compatible with your device and allow you to enjoy the features of your phone and tablet even more.

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