Play Store Download For PC

Currently, maximum people head to latest gadgets those are regarded as assistance to their daily life. Despite dense use of gadgets, PCs are still ruling the digital world simplifying our daily lives. Most of the PC users use Google Play Store for PC in daily life. It needs to know the importance of the Google Play Store and how it is beneficial for people those are using it. Needless to mention, Android is being used in most of the gadgets and still it enjoys the top spot as the Operating System. It is amazing that, Play Store is not only for Android users but PC users too.

People, those are using the Google Play Store; they know that this is the finest platform that will meet their entire requirement. It has numerous records. This is the platform that loaded with approximately two million of apps and the almost seventy billion downloads have been conducted so far. At the present time, Google Play Store app for PC also has a number of users around the globe. People with different requirements like different apps, music, movies, books, magazines find this is the right platform for them to get their required items. It’s a strict filtering process to prevent malware is another feature that maximum people download their apps without any hesitation.

Play Store

How Google Play Store for PC is important?

Google Play Store for PC is same important as different gadgets. Using this mega app platform, you can easily download your necessary apps without many flaws. This is loaded with apps from different developers along with dissimilar categories of applications and each one had different uses and useful for users. All most all users have a hidden wish that, they like to play their favorite game or to use their apps in a big screen rather than tiny mobile screens. The Play Store for PC just caters this facility.

Download Google Play Store for PC

In order to download Google Play Store on your PC, first we have to install Android emulator that will recognize the APK file. PC can’t recognize them as they are being programmed to find out only .exe files and Google Play Store is available in APK format. This emulator helps to run Android OS on your PC as a result, you can use this platform for free software. BlueStacks is one of such emulator that helps us to run Android in our own PC.

To download BlusStacks,

  • Go to browser and type BlueStacks web address.
  • Open it and it will show your download button.
  • Click on BlueStacks 2.0 version because this latest.
  • Then download and install it.

This is one of the helpful apps to run Android on your PC. Plus, it also comes with various useful features.

The Play Store PC download is made simpler and easier and someone can easily download it. This is available for all those users wanting to make their download flawlessly. You can sync your Google mail in your PC so it will allow you to add apps to your wish list to download them later.

There are two different versions BlueStacks also available, but their functions are almost same but the 2.0 is packed with cool versions along with upgraded performance.

Ways to download and install Google Play Store for PC 

After finishing downloading BlueStack app in your PC, install it without any delay and it is also very simple for anyone to use. Plus, if you are using an Android device in your mobile or tablets, they need for a trial before using BlueStacks.

  • Double click on BlueStack file.
  • Then it will show extracting the file.
  • After extracting, it will be finished within seconds.
  • It will show a welcome message.
  • Then click on “next”.
  • Then it will install completely.
  • Once finish of installation, click on finish button.Play Store

After BlueStacks opens, you will really find it easy to download various those were not installed on your PC.  BlueStacks comes with little bar that makes the tabs separately from the applications along with a sidebar which comes with many features.

After finishing all the installation process, sign in with your existed Gmail and password. Click on OK to accept terms and conditions. It’ll redirect to another page, clicking on the symbol and it will take you to the next phase of installation.

  • Click on continue and you have to sign in once again to complete the Enable App Sync.
  • Click on Let’s Go to redirect to Google Play Store free software.
  • On this page you will see a number of apps, but you should click on the search bar and now it will completely take to Play Store.
  • If you will apply, CTRL+Right Click, it expands a left bar that shows a number of categories. And you should choose your desirable app for download.

Play Store Download For Samsung

If you are a smart phone user, probably you know better on how many ways Google Play Store helps you. It is true that Android OS has occupied a major area of smart phones and tablets. It is so popular because, it is an open source operating system devices and provides a versatile framework for running dissimilar apps.

Play Store

About Samsung phones

Samsung Group is a South Korean multinational company that has a longer period of experience in different type of an affiliated business. Having a wide number of mobile phones, it enjoys its significant occupancy on the global smart phone market. Apart from smart phones, it has also clear position on various smart gadgets like PC, tablets, smart watches etc.

Samsung’s most popular mobile is Galaxy S and it was directly considered as the main competitor of the Apple iPhone. Mainly most of the smart phone makers use two operating systems but Samsung is different and it has compatible its phones for various operating systems like Symbian, Windows, LiMo and its own OS Bada. Providing all types of freedom to customers, it also the first name arises while time to talk about smart phones.

Galaxy Note 7 is one of the most popular phones in the world. Learning from past mistakes, Samsung has made it by correcting all the issues customers have been experiencing with its previous versions. Features of this model are loaded with proper planning. Its look is stunning and it protected with Gorilla Glass and aluminum those elevates its security to the next level. It has 5.7 inch super AMOLED display with 2560*1440 resolutions. Samsung has made it with the best of its innovation, Snapdragon 820 processor, 4gigs of RAM and 64 gigs of internal storage that can be elevated to 128 GB with MicroSD card. Keeping an eye on phone’s security, it has S Pen, both fingerprint and iris scanner and a number of features available those virtually make it impossible for any individual to access without owner’s permission. These are the popular reasons for which Samsung enjoys its occupancy on the global smart phone market.

Most of the Samsung phones come with on-board Android OS. So as an official Google product, it should be preinstalled with them. If by chance it has been missing from your phone, you can download it from other sources within a little period of time.

How Google Play Store helps smart phones to multiply their function? 

According to users, without Google Play Store, Android is incomplete. So how it is special for such gadgets?

  • Smartphone’s or tablets can show their versatility while they are packed with different apps.
  • As Android OS provides most of the useful apps in preinstalled mode, but users need something different, so Google Play Store will be better to download from. It is loaded with more than 700,000 apps those will really make your device useful.
  • Through Google Play Store, someone can easily access different apps with dissimilar functions.
  • All these apps are properly reviewed and checked before they are available for download on Google Play Store.
  • Apart from download, you can also properly monitor the apps for upgrade.

Once you have installed Google Play Store on your device, it will require to link to your Gmail account and once you have linked successfully, you don’t need to do anything.

Now question is that how to download Google Play Store on your phone?

You can do it by getting Google Play Store app from another device like a PC. This is safe and can be used multiply. First, it needs to be installed developer options. To perform it, go through these steps:

  • Tap on the home screen and choose a setting option.
  • It will show device options and finding, tap on it.
  • Now, locate on the serial number and tap seven times on it.
  • After that, you will get a popup notification that “you are now a developer”.
  • After this, you will find a new menu which has been named as Developer Options just below the serial number.
  • Tap on it and enable the toggle ADB.

Install ADB first Play Store

ADB is important to be installed on Windows PC and it is available easily through internet. To transfer Google Play Store setup to your Samsung mobile, PC and mobile should be connected through USB.

  • Then, it needs to be extracted file contents on to the super tools folder.
  • Extract the content to a folder in your PC.
  • Now you have to agree to the option “Allow USB debugging” just prompted after unlocking the fire tablet.
  • After transferring, launch the .bat file on your screen.
  • Then Type 2 and then enters the option.
  • After installation, reboot once your device and you can now see an icon on your home screen.

While tapping on Google Play Store, it will ask you to sign-in. First sign-in with your Google account and then use it.

Play Store Download For iPhone

As we all know, Apple is one of the top companies in the world. Apple’s iPhone is regarded as one of the best devices in the business. And it seems like iPhones is going to be in the reckoning for years to come. iPhone runs on iOS operating system. iOS is regarded as one of the safest operating systems out there. Apple allows you to download apps only from their own iTunes App Store. And they also restrict downloads in general, especially music downloads.


Android apps and iPhone

The most important thing you need to know is that iOS devices will not be able to run Android apps. And the apps which run on iOS will not run on other platforms either. When it comes to finding the best apps out there, one has to go to Google Play Store, which is regarded as the biggest virtual marketplace for digital apps. Also, Google Play Store comes with a range of freedoms which iTunes App Store do not have. When it comes to Google Play Store, downloading apps to your Android phone is really easy. There is nothing complicated about Google Play Store.

But you own an iPhone and you want to gain access to the amazing pool of apps provided by Google Play Store. What will you do?

Well, it is not an impossible mission. You can go past iOS’s protection system and download those apps. And we are going to explain the same here in this article. It’s really easy for Android devices to access apps on Google Play Store. It’s not the same for the iPhone.

Downloading Play Store for iPhone

If you wish to download Android apps on iPhone, then you have to make jail breaking first. When you go for iOS jailbreak, you will be able to get rid of most of the restrictions imposed by the iOS software. You can do iOS jailbreak with the help of software exploits. Jail breaking makes it possible for you to access the file system and manager of iOS. This allows you to download additional themes, extensions and applications on your iPhone. It’s your chance to enjoy the great apps which are not available on the App Store.

The very first step in the process is jail breaking. If you haven’t done this yet, then it is time for you to get started. As far as jail breaking is considered, you need to get the file from a trusted source. Also, it should be compatible with the version of your iPhone. Thereafter, you need to install it. In case if you have doubts regarding jail breaking, you can get assistance from a friend who’s done it before.

Once you have successfully completed jail breaking, you need to install some apps to assist the process. You need to install an app called Cydia next. Cydia is nothing but a package manager app. What is the significance of Cydia? Well, it allows the iPhone user to find and install software packages. You need to know that these software packages are free in most cases. But there are times when you will come across paid ones too. You don’t need to worry as you wouldn’t need paid apps to get this done.

Thereafter launch the Cydia app. You can access it from your home screen. Next up, you need to tap on the button named “Manage.” Then you need to tap on “Sources” and “Edit” buttons. Now it is time to check “Add.” Thereafter, you need to type the web address of the app before you install it. Once you are done with Cydia app, you need to install Bootlace. With the help of Bootlace, you will be able to install apps like OpeniBoot and iDroid. Thereafter, you need to change the settings of OpeniBoot.

Downloading Play Store for iPhonePlay Store

You have to follow the following steps carefully to complete the downloading and installation of Play Store.

  • You need to run Bootlace. Then it is time for you to reboot your iPhone. Upon rebooting, Bootlace will allow you to install OpeniBoot. You need to complete the installation by following the instructions on the screen.
  • Now it’s time to install iDroid. You just need to tap on the button named “iDroid” to get started. Downloading will take a few minutes to get completed. iDroid is nothing but the Android operating system (customized version) for the iPhone. For this reason, you need to wait patiently during the downloading process.
  • At this point, you have Android on your iPhone. It is time to take advantage of Android apps. Coming with the installation of the Google Play Store app, you just have to search on the web. Thereafter, you need to download and install Google Play Store.

Accessing Play Store

Now you have the option to boot your iPhone with either Android or iOS operating system. You have to boot with the Android OS to gain access to all the apps that Play Store has to offer.

Play Store Download For Android

Having an Android device is not everything. When you buy the device, you will only get basic functionalities. If you want to enrich your smart phone experience, then you need to download different types of apps on it to make your device more functional and entertaining. From booking a cab, to booking a movie ticket to ordering food, you need apps. So, it is important to use a reliable platform through which you can gain access to all the Android apps. If you are looking for a reliable virtual marketplace, then Google Play Store is the answer.

Play Store


It’s a virtual marketplace

If you wish to take advantage of Google’s virtual marketplace for apps, then you have got to install Google Play Store. Today, Android devices can take advantage of the vast variety of Android apps available on this platform. The Google Play Store itself a lightweight app. You need this app to download all other Android apps.

Android devices and Google Play Store

Being an Android user, it is really easy for you to gain access to the Android apps. All that you have to do is to install Google Play Store. Most devices have it inbuilt. But in case if you don’t find it on your device, you can get it reinstalled.

Downloading Google Play Store

You have to follow the following steps to download Google Play Store on your device.

  • Launch your mobile web browser on your device.
  • You have to ensure that you have mobile internet.
  • Go to Google, and search for Google Play Store.
  • Find out the most recent link in Google Play Store. You have to download the version which is compatible with your Android device.
  • You have to download the APK file to install Google Play Store.
  • Start the installation. You have to follow the instructions.

The world of Google Play Store

When you have the Google Play Store on your device, you will gain access to lots of amazing apps. You will come across all sorts of apps. However, to access Google Play Store, you will be asked to link your existing Google account with it. In case if you do not hold a Gmail account, you can create a new one for yourself. You will be able to access the pool of great apps once your login credentials have been validated.

Features of Google Play Store

Let’s take a look at the features of the kind of apps available on Google Play Store.

  • Apps are shown under various categories, making the search very easy.
  • You will find the most popular and top apps on the front page itself.
  • Each app comes with a product detail page. You will also be able to take a look at the comments and reviews for each app.
  • Before you download an app, you can take a look at the overall rating to assess the quality of the app. You can ignore an app with bad rating.

Downloading appsPlay Store

Let’s take a look at the process of downloading various apps with the help of Google Play Store. It is a secure and easy process. You have to first click on the app and then choose the install option. Your application page will show the app once you have downloaded and installed the app. Google Play Store comes with an application manager, which will showcase all the downloaded apps. When there is a newer version of the app up for grabs, Google Play Store will send you a notification.

Free and paid apps

Google Play Store has both free and paid apps on it. Let’s see how you can access those apps below:

  • Launch Google Play Store.
  • Login into the Play Store with your Google account.
  • Using the search option, find the app you need.
  • In the case of a paid app, you can go for the payment option attached to your Google account. This will ensure secure payment.

Google Play Store provides access to the most popular apps out there. Being an Android user, you have added advantage as you will find no trouble connecting to the Play Store. To make your smart phone or tablet more functional and entertaining, you need to install those amazing apps on your device.

Play Store Download For Nokia

Irrespective of the type of smart phone you use, you need apps as they make your phone functional. Also, apps make your phone a source of entertainment as well. When it comes to smart phones and tablet, you will get basic functions when you buy it. Thereafter, you have to download and install various apps to make it functional. These days apps are available for almost everything. Your smart phone becomes alive when you have the right apps in it.

Play Store


Google Play – a treasure of apps

You will come across more than one app centric marketplace. However, nothing beats Google Play Store for Android. The Android OS is an open source operating system. And today, developers from the world over create different kinds of apps for it. Only Android can boast of such wide spectrum of apps.

Downloading Play Store for Nokia

The most demanded and popular apps are found on Google Play Store. If you want to gain access to those apps, then you need to install Play Store on your device. Let’s take a look at the characteristics of Play Store.

You will find all sorts of apps on Google Play Store. Besides, you will plenty of options as well. You can go with the app with the highest rating. At the same time, Google Play Store is an app in itself, which you can download in the form of an APK file. However, you need to open it on the Android platform to make it work.

The range of apps available on Google Play Store is really wide. You will gain access to verified and reviewed apps on this platform.

Google Play Store is a lightweight app. And it is totally free as well. However, you will find both paid and free apps on this platform. Play Store will assist you in managing the apps you have installed. And you can update the apps from time to time.

All thanks to the aforementioned features, Google Play Store is highly sought after not only for Android mobile devices, but also for non-Android devices.

Nokia smart phones

Although we have different kinds of mobile operating systems, everyone is familiar with the brand of Nokia. As we all know, Nokia introduced mobile phones when it was regarded as an alien concept. Nokia, the company, came into existence 150 years ago. Nokia gifted us plenty of smart phones and cell phones. Nokia smart phones run on the operating system called Symbian OS. As we all know, Nokia has been merged with Microsoft. All thanks to this new development, we are in the midst of Windows based Nokia phones. Lumia series is a perfect example.

Accessing Google Play Store on Nokia

When you have the Google Play Store on your Nokia phone, you will be able to access plenty of popular Android apps. However, Google Play Store has not introduced a version which is compatible with either Windows or Symbian operating systems.

Emulator program for Nokia

Let’s take a look at the important steps you need to follow to access Google Play Store on a Nokia phone.

  • Open your Nokia phone. You need to look for the application manager program.
  • Your goal is to find the Android simulator app.
  • If you are unable to find this app, then you need to launch your mobile web browser.
  • You have to look for the Android simulator app meant for Nokia on your mobile web browser.
  • Download the app once you have located it.
  • Thereafter install the Android simulator app on your device. However, you have to ensure the fact that you have downloaded it from a source which is trustworthy.
  • Once you have installed the emulator program on your Nokia device, you can start downloading all the Android apps on it.

Downloading Google Play Store on NokiaPlay Store

The aforementioned process makes it easy for you to gain access to Android apps on your Nokia phone. The first app you will be downloading on your emulator program is Google Play Store. When you have the Google Play Store, you will enter the vast world of Android apps. There is no need for you to look for Android separately. Google Play Store will display all the apps you are looking for. Once you have located the apps, you can download and install those apps with the help of an emulator program.

The world of Android apps

When it comes to Android apps, you will enjoy lots of benefits. When you try to access Google Play Store, you will be asked to link your existing Google account with it. Once the accounting linking has been done, you will be able to download both free and paid apps at the same time. You will gain access to entertaining and functional apps. WhatsApp is one of the most popular apps on Google Play Store. You will find popular eBooks, videos and games on the Play Store. The possibilities are limitless when it comes to Android apps.

You should not feel left behind being a Nokia phone user. Just follow the aforementioned steps to get Google Play Store installed on your smart phone. And there is this talk in the business that Android based Nokia phones are not a distant possibility. This might happen once the contract with Microsoft expires. Google Play Store is the ideal place to look for the best apps out there. Being a Nokia phone user, you have every right to enjoy the variety of apps available on the Play Store.

Play Store Download For Nextbook

Most of the people getting addicted in social media today that they never want to go left it up. In this digital world, there are millions and millions of users getting digitized and love to get better assistance from their gadgets by which they can lead a flawless life.

Google Play Store is one of such assistance that contributes largely on private life to maintain it in a faultless manner. This is the home of more than 700,000 apps those are developed to usual jobs in life. Google Play Store is one of the most used apps in the world that serves seamlessly to meet all your needs. Someone can easily get his demanded apps along with games, E-books and many more; those are useful in our life. Along with this Nextbook users also get access to all Google products like YouTube, Gmail, Google Map, Google Hangouts, and Google Duo etc.

Play Store


About Nextbook tablets

Nextbook is one of those plenty of brands those are providing tablets in pocket friendly price. Like others, it has also taken a leap to prove itself in the high competitive tablet market. Google’s Android OS is known as open-source and free for all, so there is not any licensing fees. This is the reason for which many companies like Nextbook, gets the market entry without much barrier.

While there is Operating System in hand, the first concern is hardware. Nextbook tablets are loaded with huge RAMs and perfect processors those make such tablets affordable. Nextbook is constantly marching ahead with fulfilling consumer needs. All Nextbook tablets are programmed and manufactured by E-Fun Inc which is based in California USA. Nextbook is not so large scale company so it focuses on its each and every product how they will be user-friendly.  Company’s small size means, it is capable enough to engineer its products within a short period time and able to ship them fast. According to a company press release, it is going to produce dual-core tablets in recent future.

About Nextbook Ares 8

With this dense gadget market, Nextbook Ares 8 is one of the most popular tablets that available in the budget. People those are able to afford for high quality and high price tablets, they shouldn’t miss Nextbook Ares 8.

  • Its dimension is -19 inches height 4.88 inches width.34 inch height and weighs only.85 lbs.
  • Nextbook Ares 8 has comes Intel Atom, Quad Core processor Z3735G.
  • Front camera is 0.3 megapixel and rear is 2.0 megapixel those offers better picture quality compared to other low budget tablets.
  • These are 16 GB internal storage capacity, which can be expandable to 64GB with micro SD expansion.
  • It has 1GB DD3L memory.
  • It is studded with 3 axis G-sensor, Wi-Fi enabled, and packed with 4.0 Bluetooth connectivity.
  • The battery that powers this tablet is 3.8V Lithium ion battery.
  • It runs it Android Lollipop operating system.

Its small size makes it favorable for all customers.

How to install Google Play Store in Nextbook Tablets?

It is well known that no one would like to use any gadget without the Google Play Store. It provides unmatchable accessibility to tons of apps those have a vital role in daily life. Plus, most of them are free that makes uses overwhelmed while they get their favorite apps in zero cost. As most of the Nextbook Tablets come with inbuilt Android OS, it is highly possible that, Google play store probably preinstalled there along with the different Google products. On the off chance, if it is missing, it will be easily getting installed within minutes.

Before installing Google Play Store, you need to change the setting of your own device.Play Store

  • Go to device setting and tap on it.
  • You will encounter with various massages regarding app, but ignore them.
  • Go to security setting and tap on it.
  • Enable allowing file from Unknown source.

After the device is ready to receive any file from an unknown source, from Google Play Store, it will be better to import its setup from any other device. If you want to import through a PC, then follow these steps.

Open browser and write; download Google Play Store for Nextbook Ares 8 tablet.

  • It will show a lot of sites those offer this setup file.
  • Choose the right one and now click on download. It is done.

After it gets downloaded to PC now time to connect the PC and your device through USB. After transferring that file successfully to your device, then you need to follow these steps.

  • Go to the file location where you have stored your setup file.
  • If that is on SD card place it in your device.
  • Choose the setup file and tap on installation.
  • It may ask you to agree with its license agreement as your device has the Android OS, it probably not asks.
  • Then the installation will be completed within few minutes.
  • Reboot once your device.
  • After restart, you can see an icon.

Now you can access and use it.

Play Store Download For Nexus

What is the Android application that is downloaded the most on tablets and phones? Well, it is the Google Play Store app and has well over 100 million installs. The Google Play Store started at the Android market and has seen a whirlwind of changes to what it is today. The Google Play Store is offered on all the Android devices. If you are using Nexus phones, especially the older version Nexus devices, chances are that you might not have the Google Play Store installed on it.

Play Store


How to download and install Play Store on Nexus?

The easiest and the simplest method to download and install Google Play Store on your Nexus devices are to get access to the Play Store APK file. Installing this manually will help you to get the Android platform on your device. The APK file is an equivalent to the .exe program that you use on your computer. You do not have to download the Google Play Store app on your device in order to get access to the apps. The apps can be downloaded without the help of Google Play Store.

There are two methods by which you can download and install the Play Store APK on your device.

Method 1: Directly to your Nexus phone

  • Switch on your phone and tap on the Settings option on the phone.
  • In the drop-down menu of the Settings option, choose the Security option and tap on it.
  • Look for the Unknown source option in the security folder and tap on it to choose it and provide your phone the option to download from unknown sources. Once you have installed the Play Store APK do not forget to uncheck the Unknown Sources in the Settings option.
  • Open the mobile browser on your device and then go to the XDA Developers forum. You can also visit the APK Mirror site to get access to the APK file for the latest Google Play Store version. Locate the file and click on the download link.
  • You might get a warning message to pop-up on your screen saying that the file can harm your device. Just ignore this message and tap on the OK option.
  • Open the APK you have downloaded to your device, read the permissions if any, that the Play Store version asks for and then tap on the Install option to install the app on your device.

Method 2: Install Play Store on computer

If you are using a Nexus device that does not have mobile data or Wi-Fi connection, then you can download the APK file on your computer that has an internet connection.

  • Go to the Settings>Security option on your device and then tap on the Unknown sources option.
  • Open your computer and go to your favorite web browser and visit the APK Mirror or the XDA Developers Forum to gain access to the latest version of Google Play APK.
  • Download the APK file on your computer.
  • Now use a USB cable to connect your Nexus device to your computer and copy the downloaded APK file onto the device from your computer.
  • Launch the APK file that you have now transferred on to the Google Play services on your Nexus device and then accept the permissions.
  • Click on the Install option to get the Google Play APK on the device this will take a few minutes.

How to download apps from Play Store?Play Store

  • Go to the home screen of your Nexus device and look for the newly installed Play Store icon.
  • Tap on the icon to get access to Play Store main page and then tap the Apps option.
  • You need to swipe left till you reach the Top free app option.
  • Tap on the app that interests you and to download the app you want, just tap download or install option.
  • The app will get downloaded and then installed on the device on its own. You might have to accept a list of permissions before you get to download the app of your choice.
  • You will get a notification on your device once the app gets installed on the device.
  • After this, go to the app page on your device and get access to the app you have installed now.
  • Tap on it and you will get inside the app.

Play Store Download for Chromebook

There are many machines that are now using the Chrome OS in the stable version. This has made it possible for a lot of Android fanatics to use the Android apps on their Chromebooks. But, this is not a standard on all the books and some of them need to use the beta version to get the Android apps and the Google Play Store app. The latest versions of the Chromebooks come with pre-installed Google Play Store and you gain access to millions of Android apps immediately.

Play Store


How to get android apps if Chromebook supports android apps?

You should first make sure that your Chromebook is running on the latest OS version of 53 or more. This can be checked by tapping on the status bar and then tap or click on the Settings option of the Chromebook. Choose the ‘About Chrome OS’ option on top of the screen and tap or click on it. Here, you will see the details of the Chrome OS version, platform, and the firmware. There will be a check for and apply updates option on the screen to see if there is an updated version on offer. If there is an update, the machine will download and install.

    • After the Chromebook is updated, visit the status bar and then look for the Settings option. Tap or click on it.
    • Visit the Google Pay Store option and enable the Google Play Store option on Chromebook.
    • You will be asked to agree to the terms and conditions of Google Play Store.
  • Tap or click on the Agree option to start using the Google Play Store that will open up on your screen.

Accessing Play Store on Chromebook that does not support android

You need to switch to the developer channel in order to make your Chromebook support the Android apps. There are risks associated with this move and you will be on your own terms doing it. In order to come back to the normal state of the Chromebook OS, you will have to power-wash your Chromebook.

The shifting from the Chromebook to the Chrome OS developer channel is a simple job and can be done easily.

  • The status bar of the Chromebook is located at the bottom right corner of the screen. Tap or click on it and then choose the Settings option.
  • Now the Chrome OS settings page will open. Chose the About Chrome OS option and tap on it.
  • The version number and the current channel will be shown on your screen.
  • There is a more info option that you will see in the About Chrome OS option. Tap or click on it to open up the page more and to get more details about the Chrome OS installation.Play Store
  • You will find a change channel option, click on it to start a dialog where you will be able to choose a new channel for the Chromebook. The options that you will see on the screen for channels are stable, beta and developer-unstable option.
  • Choose the better option and then click on the Change channel option that you see just below the options.
  • The beta release of the Chrome will start to download to your device. It will take a few minutes.
  • You will be prompted to restart your computer. Do it.
  • After the Chromebook reboots after carrying out the channel update, login to the device as usual. You will now find the Google Play Store app located in the app ray. This will be the beta version of the Play Store app.

You need to open the Play Store app on the Chromebook and go through the terms of service and the backup options before you allow Google to have access to anonymous location data. If you are okay with everything and the Google Play Store terms, click the Agree option. The Play Store will be set up on your Chromebook and you will need to agree to the Google Play terms of service. Once done, tap on Accept to continue. After this, the Play Store will open and you need to login to your Google account in order to access all the Android apps that the Play Store app has to offer. The process of downloading and installing the Android apps on Chromebook is just like doing it on your Android device.

Play Store Download For Kindle Fire

Are you frustrated that the Kindle Fire tablet you have is not able to provide you access to the millions and millions of apps offered by the Google Play Store? Do you feel that your world is out of place without having all the Google apps installed on your Kindle Fire device? Most of the other tablet devices have the support of Google and all its apps. The Kindle Fire tablets are the cheapest of the Android tablets, but provide access to the Amazon app store only. If you are a fan of Google Play Store and love to get those apps on your tablet, then you need to read on.

Play Store


How to get Google Play Store apps on Kindle Fire?

The Kindle Fire tablets are a deglamorized version of the Android OS and the main thing is that it does not support Google apps. But, since it has an Android base it is very easy to install the Google apps on the Kindle Fire tablet than any other tablet that does not support Android OS. There are two ways to get the desired Google Play Store apps on the Kindle Fire device. One method is to download the Android APK installer files and then to install the apps directly on the device. The other method is to install the Google Play Store app like how to do when using an Android phone or tablet. The second method is a bit complex, but after you have installed the Google Play Store app, you can install any of the Google apps you want.

Download android apps manually

The option to download and to install the Android apps that you want on the Kindle Fire is an easy task as the tablet runs on Android OS. All you got to do is to change the settings of the tablet a bit in order to download specific play Store apps.

  • Go to the apps section on your Kindle Fire tablet and look for the Settings option.
  • Once you find the settings option, tap on it.
  • You will find a lot of details to shop up on the screen from the Settings folder. Scroll down to locate the Security option and tap on it.
  • The first thing you should do when you enter the security option is to enable the unknown sources option of the device. Once done, your tablet will allow the installation of apps from any source.
  • After this, you can open your web browser on the Fire tablet and search for the APK files of your favorite Google Play Store apps. For e.g., you can look for Gmail app or Pokémon Go app or Google Maps app APK files. There are many free apps that are offered online.
  • It is better to install an APK Downloader app on the tablet in order to get the apps from the Google Play Store.
  • Go to the Play Store listing and get the apps package app name from the address bar. Copy the link to the APK Downloader and then click the Generate Download Link option.
  • The app gets downloaded on your PC. You can transfer the same to your Kindle Fire tablet and then install it.
  • Once installed, tap on the app icon you see on the home screen to start using the app.

Installing Google Play Store on Fire

One of the best ways to get access to all the popular Android apps in one shot on the Kindle Fire is to download the Google Play Store. By doing so, you do not have to waste time looking out for each and every app that you like and then downloading it. You get access to millions and millions of apps in one place and hence it saves your time and effort. Apart from this, you will get access to Google Play Services that offers plenty of app options for you to explore.

Enabling developer options

  • Tap on the home screen and locate the Settings option.
  • Look for Device options and tap on it.
  • Locate the serial number and tap on it for seven times.
  • You will get a popup notification that says “You are now a developer”.
  • Once you do this, you will find a new menu option Developer Options to appear just below the serial number. Tap on it and then tap on the toggle option “Enable ADB”.

Installing ADB and then Google Play StorePlay Store

The ADB needs to be installed on your Windows PC. It can be got from the Super tool that you can find easily when you search the internet.

  • The Fire tablet and the Windows PC need to be connected with a USB cable first.
  • Extract file contents on to the super tools folder. If not, visit the Root Junky website and download the Amazon-Fire-5th-Gen-Install-Play-Store. Zip file and then extract the contents to a folder on your PC.
  • To start, double-click on the 1-Install-Play-Store.bat” file.
  • Agree to the option “Allow USB debugging” request after you have unlocked the Fire tablet.
  • Launch the .bat file and on the first screen, Type 2 and then enter option. The tool will now install the Google Play Store.

The necessary package will get installed on the Fire tablet that you have connected to the PC and the Google Play Store and the Google Play Services will both get installed. After this, reboot the tablet. You will find the Google Play Store shortcut on your home screen.

Play Store Download For iPad

The Google Play Store is a very popular market to download the various types of Android devices it is offered for free on most of the android devices. If you are using the older version of the iOS devices and the iPad, then chances are that your device would not have come with the pre-installed Google Play Store app.

Play Store


Accessing Play Store the easy way

  • Open the Safari browser on your iPad and type open app You will be taken to the app market.
  • If not, you can search for it in the search engine box and tap on the first link that you get on the screen.
  • You will be directed to the open app mkt page. Here, you will see screen dropping down with a click option. Click on it and then add to your home screen. The app will now be added on to your home screen.
  • Locate the downloaded app on the home screen and then tap on it. Once you are in the new app home page, tap on the search button and then type Play Store in the search box.
  • You will find a lot of lay store links on offer. Choose the Google Play Store icon link and tap on it.
  • You will be directed to the install app option page. Tap on it and give it a few minutes to get downloaded and installed on your iPad.
  • After it has downloaded and installed, tap on the home button on your iPad and then tap on the new app that you have downloaded to rename it as Google Play or Play Store. Then click on the add option in the top right corner to get it renamed and located on the iPad’s home screen for easy access.

Now go back to your home screen and then click on the Play Store icon to start to access the apps on the Play Store. But, this is in the original Play Store app and is just a simple and easy way to access Google Play Store on iPad.

Moving your iPad from iOS to android

There are many who would love to make use of the Android options on their iPad devices. This is officially not possible and both are two different operating platforms. If you are able to jailbreak your iPad, you will be able to install Android on the iOS and also run the Google Play Store and get access to millions of apps on offer. Jail breaking your iPad is not a safe option, but is the most tried and tested options when it comes to switching from iOS to Android.

If you do not want to take the risk of jail breaking your iPad, then you can also look for the favorite Android apps suited for iOS versions and download them from the Apple app store. But, these options will be limited and you might not be able to find the app that you are looking for.

Steps involved in installing android on iPads

  1. Jailbreak your iPad

There are many jail breaking options on offer online. You need to pick and choose the best jail breaking tool, download it on your iPad and follow the instructions on the jailbreak process to easily make your iPad to accept Android apps.

  1. Install Bootlace

The Cydia has to be launched in order to install the Cydia. You can find the Cydia on the home screen of your iPad device.

Launch the Cydia from your home screen and once in tap on the Manage option.

  • Here, you need to look for Source’s option and then tap on it. Locate the edit option and then click on the Add option.
  • A repository needs to be added and this is the
  • Tap on the Add source option and the Cydia will start to work.
  • After this, you just need to tap on the repository that you have added and then the Bootlace will get installed on your iPad.
  1. Run BootlacePlay Store

It is time now to work on the Bootlace and leave Cydia alone. If you do not find Cydia on your home screen, you need to restart your iPad. After you have re-launched your iPad, you will find the Bootlace app on the home screen. Allow the Bootlace to download on the device and then patch the kernel. After the download is complete, you should once again reboot the iPad and give it time to restart.

  1. OpeniBoot installation

Once again, you will need to launch the Bootlace and look for the OpeniBoot option. Find it and tap on it and then tap on the install option to get it downloaded and installed on your iPad. Wait for a few minutes for this process to complete.

  1. Download and install iDroid

After the OpeniBoot installation, it is time to locate the iDroid button. Tap on it and then tap on the install option. Wait for a few seconds or minutes as the iDroid will take time to customize for the iPad device, since it is an Android OS. After sometime, it will get downloaded and installed on your iPad. It might take some time for the download and installation and hence be patient till the process gets over.

  1. Download Google Play Store

After the Android is installed on your iPad, you can enter it by taping on the Android icon and then search for Google Play Store to download and install the app on the iPad.